Miss Military Muscle | Trains Delts w/ Real World Tactical


Miss Military Muscle Cammie Spindel @camcamedic meets up with @Realworld_tactical at the Arnold Sports Festival 2016 in Columbus Oh POWERHOUSE GYM!!

Here is the hightlights!

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Military Muscle is a Community of Service Men and Women, who have come together to share there stories, there experiences and Rep their branch and style of training. Everyone trains differently, and each has their own unique ways to achieve what we all are trying to achieve… a better body, a healthy body, and overall a better lifestyle through fitness and motivation. We all motivate each other, and we have come together to form this community…….MILITARY MUSCLE

Special thanks to the United States Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard!

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Video Editing by Elijah J. Maine @MILITARYMUSCLEPRES

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