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hello dear viewers,
in this time we are making more and more funny and comedy videos.I know that, our video shooting camera is not better. some time we shoot video by using Sony handycam. And some time make video using smartphone.
we will buy a DSLR soon. we are truly happy for going to complete d 100k subscriber.

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This video contains are shooting at That place, named are blow (1)

Kazir Hat, UEPZ, Nilphamari sadar (2) Bala para.
(3) Hindu para railway station (4) Kazi para (5) Kazir hat shomla,

the main part of actor name is Emran Mondal. Shah jalal, Habib, Afjalul, Nasrul and others.

this video director is Kamruzzaman Hasu.

I am the founder of all in one Tv bd, My name is
Kamruzzaman Hasu.

please watch our videos and give us confidence to trying best.

Thank you for watching this video.

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