CRAZY STRONG GIRL – Best Female Workout 2017 (Gina Marie)


Gina Marie (Gina Scarangella) – Gymnastics / Calisthenics / Former NFL Cheerleader / Registered Nurse / Women’s Best / Bombshell Sportswear Athlete. Beautiful Street Workout GIRL goes CRAZY!!
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BIO Gina Scarangella:
My name is Gina Scarangella. I grew up in the small town of Ocean View, Delaware. I was a fairly normal child except for the fact that I loved spending more time on my hands than on my feet. I was a competitive gymnast from the age of 6 to 16. Once graduating high school, I continued my love for flips at La Salle University by joining the cheerleading team. My senior year I became captain and had learned to fly in a whole new way.
I graduated from La Salle University with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. While the idea “adulthood” and a “real job” loomed over my head, I decided to futher pursue my dreams and tried out for the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleading team. Cheering for the NFL is the highest honor of cheerleading. To my surprise I made the team. Throughout my experience as an NFL cheerleader it deep ly reinforced the importance of dedication and hard work.
Today, along with my nursing job, I take all that I have learned through my years of experience and teach other children like myself who cant wait to bounce around, fall occasionally, but most importantly, get back up and learn to fly.

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Date: September 13, 2017

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