Back To The Early 80’s (Massive Old Skool Breakdance Mix) Breakin / Electro / Funk


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THIS MIX IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD. Click on the link below. Iv also worked my magic and improved the sound quality on the downloadable copy.
High Quality Audio.

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(Extended version only now playable from Soundcloud and not downloadable cos it’s exceeded it download limit)

Link for version that is the same length as this video

NOTICE! Iv learnt that over at the podomatic website the above link takes you to for download that it limits bandwidth and only allows so much per month,so if when you arrive there you arnt able to download this mix then keep returning every few days to see if its available to download again.

This is another of my mixes that iv put to video. Massive 2 & a half hour mix. A selection of tunes from the early to mid 80s, predominantly from the Breakdance era, mixed by me. I put alot of time and effort into preparing and mixing this.

Breakin / Electro / Funk / Rap.
Featuring….Africa Bambaattaa & Soul Sonic Force, Dynamix 2, Freestyle, Freeze, Grandmaster Flash & Mellie Mel, Kraftwerk,Chaka Khan, and loads of others,and some fave tunes of mine from the Breakdance movies i used to watch as a kid. You can certainly hear in these old tunes how they was a pre cursor for house music.Lots of the beats and samples then went on to be used in the 80’s house and early 90’s hardcore tunes that followed.

(Contains jingle/ident.I always include these on mixes i upload that are for public consumption or downloadable)

Just thought id give a mention and a thanks to the original uploaders and/or owners of the video clips that iv used, just incase they’d like to be acknowledged to the fact iv used their content and edited them. In particular the woman dancing in the green jeans and hat, her name is Sophie Merry (youtube name ‘bandytoaster’) check her out, shes a great dancer! I just loved the idea of including her in the video, putting her amazing dancing to my mix.Hopefully its seen as a compliment to her! 🙂

(Altho in hindsight some of these tunes are abit to slow for the tempo she’s dancing at. haha 😉

If you enjoy the mix please give it a thumbs up and maybe even share the video.

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