2017 Toyota Rav4 XLE SUV In Depth Review & Feature Tutorial


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New 2017 Toyota Rav4 XLE SUV Review and Tutorial
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Time Stamps-
1:09 Key
3:12 Wheels
3:31 Headlights
4:06 Engine
5:17 LED Turn Signals and Tail LIghts
7:00 Rear Hatch and Cargo
9:46 Rear Seats
12:10 Driver’s Door Control and Driver’s Seat
15:35 Steering Wheel Controls
17:07 Cruise Control
17:50 Radar Cruise Control
18:40 Lane Departure Alert, Steering Assist, and Sway Warning
22:20 Turn Signals and Headlights
23:35 Wipers
24:26 Radio Controls
27:59 Infotainment
29:30 Climate Control
31:17 Backup Camera
32:06 Sequential Shift Transmission

Thank you to Midstate Toyota in Asheboro, NC for allowing me the opportunity to film this vehicle! Check them out at https://www.midstatetoyota.com/

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