10 Real Haunted Ghost Towns to See in America!


Want to visit a REAL ghost town? Spooky abandoned post-apocalyptic villages aren’t just the stuff of movies – there are plenty right here in America, and some are said to be haunted!

1. Bodie, California
This National Historic Landmark is a perfectly preserved example of the late nineteenth century gold mining towns of California. Rumor has it, any visitor who tries to sneak off with an artifact from this ghost town will be cursed with bad luck!

2. St. Elmo, Colorado
St. Elmo was a lively mining center with a booming population of 2000 until the local railroad closed down. Apparently, the ghost of former resident Annabelle Stark keeps watch over the town.

3. Centralia, Pennsylvania
Centralia is home to 10 stubborn people who refuse to move and was the main inspiration for the horror movie Silent Hill. A mine fire which has been burning under the town since 1962 has caused most residents to leave over the years.

4. Bannack, Montana
With a thriving population of 10,000 it was nicknamed the New Eldorado by the hopeful prospectors. It also once had an outlaw gang leader as its sheriff. Each July, there’s a re-enactment festival celebrating the town’s former glory.

5. Cahawba, Alabama
Cahawba was once the capital of Alabama but today is an archeological park open to visitors. You can wander around and view the many abandoned streets and ruins of this formerly important governmental center.

6. Rhyolite, Nevada
First established as a mining camp near Death Valley in 1905, Rhyolite saw its peak during the American gold rush. It’s a great testament of the boom and bust cycle of this era.

7. Terlingua, Texas
Once a district of mining villages, today a ghost town, reduced to several closed mines and many abandoned industrial facilities, businesses and homes. However there’s still a working saloon for those seeking the authentic Old West experience.

8. Oatman, Arizona
Located in the Black Mountains it became famous when 10 million dollars worth of gold was discovered in the area. Wild burros now roam the streets and gunfights are staged on the weekends.

9. Glenrio, Texas
Formerly known as Rock Island it was a railway town which fell into disuse when Interstate 40 bypassed the community in 1973. Visit the Phillips 66 Service Station and other once-busy buildings that are now ghosts of their former glory.

10. Kennecott, Alaska
One of the most remote ghost towns in America, is an old copper mining town. Virtually abandoned since the Depression in the 1930’s, it now has guided tours allowing visitors to explore the abandoned buildings frozen in time…

What’s the spookiest place you’ve visited? Comment below!

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